Makok Thongbashingi Wari, Interview by ISTV, Manipur

Interview of Monica Ingudam by ISTV, TV Channel in Manipur featuring stories of leaders. (2014)

Part 1
Part 2

About Monica Ingudam Born and raised with conflict background, lack of freedom in Manipur (India), based in Maryland (USA), patent holder for identifying Caller ID, with Computer Science Engineering background, you will find her innovating Healthcare solutions as a Senior Product Analyst. With the vision to spread love and peace, you will find her hosting high achiever workshops and talk-show at FindingTheVoices during the weekends to inspire, empower and educate. She loves painting, has pledged funds from her Art to giving back to the society and has successfully supported Palliative Care , education for children , relief for COVID19 in Manipur and currently raising funds for Library of Manipur and 1001Thagatchari gratitude project of Manipur. Do consider supporting her initiatives by getting her paintings and products made from her art.


  1. Imocha H

    becomes a source of inspiration espically to d younger section of manipur.thnx to istv once again coz finding the voice remains my favourite show ever

  2. Hostellers Production 1

    Sister Monic, you’re an inspiration to many Manipuri people, especially who haven’t experienced being off Manipur.

  3. Puyam Singh

    I’m very impressed ..after watching this very special interview..thanks a lot for ur sharing..and I m very proud as manipuri..because of you..

  4. Daya mangangcha

    Tasengnamk yamna tabada nungaijei thamoidagi thoklkpa fajaraba wahei kaya amasung manung mapan faona share toubibagidamk hainingai leitana thagtchari matungdasu fajaba wakhanlon, innovatives oiba yaba henna productive oiba kayamasu leptana pithokpirkani thajajei..

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