A message to share my paintings

A message to share my paintings

by Monica Ingudam

Linking energy and fulfillment. When I feel fulfilled, I have enough energy for anything needed. 

Couple of years back, it was during one of my trip to Manipur, on a day I was scheduled to interview a Doctor to talk about the new initiative of Palliative Care. I got a call from the guy, who was supposed to help me with the recording, that he was not be able to make it. I understood his situation but couldn’t help being disappointed in not having a reliable/backup team. So there I was, all dressed up in a traditional Meitei Manipuri costume, caked with make up, too heavy for my taste (that is another story for another day!) trying to set up the camera, microphone in one of the huge conference room in the hospital.

I sat across a soft-spoken calm Doctor who was very humble, who was very focused on sharing about Palliative Care and didn’t seem to be interested in sharing about his accomplishment. I had to ask multiple questions to learn a bit about him. I love learning about the background and childhood phase of my guest speakers as it helps me give a sense of the overall personality.

I read ( maybe heard!) somewhere that your energy level can be heightened by the people around you and hence when you go to a monastery or see Dalai Lama, you feel good, really good. I felt that similar high energy that day, as I was listening to him passionately explaining to me about Palliative Care and why it is needed for Manipur, not only for the people who are sick and near-end, but also for the young volunteers and community. He gave me example of transformation of young volunteers by merely participating and signing up on small activities like reading newspaper. Just to see the cycle of life, from a close view can change your perspective in what is important and what should matter.

I felt really inspired and wanted to do more to support this beautiful initiative, as I learnt that they were struggling with the operation, support for basic medication and infrastructure. The idea of raising compassion within the community felt awesome. This seems to be a great opportunity to bring the community closer, rising above the anger and conflict, which is prevalent. I had thought of fundraising and had started working on Greeting card project to raise funds.

Meanwhile I have been trying different things in the personal growth area,  and participated a 21 day meditation program of Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. On one of the meditation session focusing onLinking energy and fulfillment. When I feel fulfilled, I have enough energy for anything needed. I had this idea (or got a message if that makes sense!) of myself painting Dzouko lily and using it for the fundraising. I am following my intuition and started working on the paintings. This is the very first Dzouko lily painting of the series dedicated to Palliative Care.

I am pledging my artwork for projects of FindingTheVoices and supporting the beautiful initiatives I have come across during the interviews of my talk show. When you see my artwork hanging somewhere, you will know we are connected by FindingTheVoices, it will be a symbol of human connection bringing out our highest self exuberating kindness, love and compassion each of us carry within us.

I invite you to come back and join me in my journey as an artist.

Born and raised with conflict background and lack of freedom in Manipur (India), based in Maryland (USA) patent holder for identifying Caller ID, with Computer Science Engineering background, you will find Monica Ingudam innovating Healthcare solutions as a Senior Product Analyst. With the vision to spread love and positivity, you will find her hosting FindingYourself personal growth workshops for high achievers and FindingTheVoices talk-show during the weekends to inspire, empower and educate. She loves painting and you will find her traveling, reading, writing in her quiet “Me” time. She has successfully raised funds for Palliative Care and education for children using her oil paintings and prints. Do consider supporting her initiatives by getting her paintings.

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