Painting: Tampha’s Shirui Lily

Tampha’s Shirui Lily

Oil Painting by Monica Ingudam
Canvas 11 by 14 inch
Original – SOLD, found a home in India, proceeds to Palliative Care Society, Imphal, Manipur.

Painting for fundraising for Palliative Care. My mother is a volunteer for Palliative Care in Manipur and her stories of the sick and near end patient she met during the team’s home visit touched me deeply. She shared about a little girl who has been bedridden from 5th grade. On asking what activities she likes to encourage her engagement she said writing. Coaxing her to read and share her writing she read a poem questioning God on her condition and how long her mother has to be burdened with her care. Her reading brought tears to all, spoken from her heart with chocking soft spoken sweet voice. I paint for her, so that Palliative Care team can support and reach out to many like her who needs medical as well as community Support. I don’t want her to feel alone or that she is a burden. I want her to feel cared for and loved not only by her family but by the community.

Monica has always been interested in art, human expressions and connections as a child. Art and painting provided the calm inner strength, kept her grownded and balanced during the intense grieving period during her father’s passing and things life brings. She volunteered for Art Galleries, took and continues to take art classes, workshop to enhance her understanding and skills of being an artist. She has pledged the funds raised from her paintings to projects of FindingTheVoices and support humane initiatives encountered as part of interviews covered in her talk show. She has successfully raised funds for Palliative Care and children’s education . She is currently on a mission to spread positivity through 1001Thagtachari gratitude project of Manipur and hosting personal growth FindingYourself workshops to elevate self in bringing out the high achiever in each individual. Please click here to get her art and support her initiatives.

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