FindingTheVoices – What it seeks from us all

By Marjing Mayanglambam

Published on 12th Feb 2019 by Imphal Free Press, leading newpaper in Manipur, India.

‘FindingTheVoices’ A talk show presenting voices with the vision to spread Inspiring, Educative, Empowering and Entertaining stories in the violence torn landscape of Manipur. This is the introduction from its Facebook page and briefly states the main ideology and works of what it intends to do. The host is a very motivational figure and is none other than Monica Ingudam. She’s from the USA while her heart still resides in Manipur. Her looks and charisma while speaking makes the listeners so calm and cool. Having a strong family background from Kwakeithel, her love and dedication towards her father is commendable. Words can’t satisfy her stories. Now, let’s go to the main area of her Online Talk Show.

Why is it named ‘FindingTheVoices’? . Clearly it can be seen in our everyday lives and the past that they’re a lot of unheard voices which some vanished along with the demise of the individual. Monica having seen and experienced all these gruesome occurrences sacrifices what she has in order to collect as well as nourish these voices from the Manipuri people. She starts small yet dynamically by meeting some persons who have many things to share about what they did and what they want for Manipur. Online talk show was not very common in Manipur and she was one of the Adventurers who laid it’s foundation for the generations to come. FindingTheVoices Manipur became active and continued its ventures of seeking the voices. Her platforms were mainly on the Social Networking Sites (SNS) and the legendary YouTube. Listeners were scarce as the Digital Culture was not very well known and unsearched. Slowly and steadily the talk show started to earn it’s recognition and values. Till now the number of episodes has exceeded 300. The FindingTheVoices Talk shows had many prominent guest speakers and to mention a few are, Naba Shamurailatpam (Naba Volcano), Sanhita Ambast, Sori Senjam, Mangka Mayanglambam, Leishangthem Kumarjit Meitei, Babloo Loitongbam, Chaoba Thiyam, Tamara Reisdorf, Band members of Imphal Talkies and many more.

There are several branches of the FindingTheVoices Talk show, they are, – Interviews Both in Meiteilon and English, 1001 Thagatchari Gratitude Project for Manipur, and other clippings. The 1001 Thagatchari Manipur is what I love the most since It gives us the chance to give gratitude to all at various levels from Personal to Global. We Manipuris are lacking in giving gratitude to all which the Host is very much aware of. So she started this project which is a grand proceeding for all the age groups. In this sessions Monica makes the Speaker chose three individuals at Personal, Manipur and Global level and let’s them elaborate it. This show seeks the attention of many youths and many of them listened and participated at the same time. Some guest speakers are Philem Rohan, Nivea Longjam, Girija Ningthoukhongjam (The Youngest Speaker), Shanti Thokchom, Marjing Mayanglambam, Urmila Chanam, Suzania Brahmacharimayum and the list goes on.

Aside all these, she has other episodes too which includes her Enthusiastic motives on Pena, Music, Painting, and more. So, to know more on her works, take a peep at her Facebook Page and YouTube, ‘FindingTheVoices’.

About Monica Ingudam Born and raised with conflict background, lack of freedom in Manipur (India), based in Maryland (USA), patent holder for identifying Caller ID, with Computer Science Engineering background, you will find her innovating Healthcare solutions as a Senior Product Analyst. With the vision to spread love and peace, you will find her hosting high achiever workshops and talk-show at FindingTheVoices during the weekends to inspire, empower and educate. She loves painting, has pledged funds from her Art to giving back to the society and has successfully supported Palliative Care , education for children , relief for COVID19 in Manipur and currently raising funds for Library of Manipur and 1001Thagatchari gratitude project of Manipur. Do consider supporting her initiatives by getting her paintings and products made from her art.

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