“A walk at Dzouko Valley” painting exhibited at Concourse Gallery, Maryland, USA

Please consider this a personal invitation to visit the exhibition at Concourse Gallery, Visarts, 2ndFloor, 155 Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20850 between February 28 – March 17,2019.

Do take a picture and share!

A Walk in the Dzouko Valley is selected as part of Eric Westbrook & Students exhibition at Concourse Gallery, Maryland, USA. I have been attending Eric Westbrook’s art classes from 2017 spending my Tuesday evenings painting with other artists, learning lots from the very basic, the fundamentals of art. I am very excited to see my painting exhibited in an art gallery for the very first time.

Painting has been a very beautiful part of my life. I truly enjoy painting and subjects related to my birth place Manipur, beautiful creations of the universe and expressions of humanity inspires me.

Though born in Manipur, I haven’t seen much of the place. My parents didn’t allow me to go out for fear of being a part of the ongoing conflict. But I have this longingness to explore, experience and see the beautiful places. The beauty of Dzouko Valley and the lily stayed with me. I visualized a walk at Dzouko Valley. I am waiting for that day with the thought “Such beauty can only bring out the hidden love and compassion in a conflicted land”. Monica Ingudam, 26th March 2019

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