Painting: Mob Justice in Manipur

Mob Justice in Manipur
Oil Painting by Monica Ingudam
11 by 14 inch
Original - Not for sale, Looking to exhibit in Art Gallery.

Mob Justice in Manipur, India.


  1. Kodar D

    Yes, a big question mark. ????? Where is the humanity? Everyone is enjoying the scene as someone’s life is taken. Pathrthic!!! What have we become as human beings. What have made Manipuris so inhuman? Our culture was built of respect, love and tranquility. Have we all lost it? Education and modern civililized generations has brought nothing good to us so far. Extremisim, corruption, extortion has become our way of life. What a shame!!!!!!! Let’s open our eyes and change ourselves.

  2. Thoibi R

    Wow! You are good! Not only an innovator, a social activist and an advocate for love, peace and harmony but a wonderful painter with profound vision and expression. Kudos, young lady. So proud of you!!!

  3. Bijoy RK

    Your painting talks.. Hope this painting will works as mirror to the people who can’t imagine what they are doing.. Hope one day there will be no incident of mob lynching. #WakeUpManipur

  4. Rakesh M

    To put an end to such unwanted mob violence, we require effective awareness programmes to local Meira Paini and club members.

  5. Santikumar T

    Mob justice ki chatnabisu society da naariba leinaa makhal amani. Masida nattana atoppa leinaa kayaasu Manipuri society da leiri. Pumnamak asigi causes thidana problem amamamta tokhai tokhaina solve touba ngamloi. Ama toukhrabasu atoppa ama amuk thorakkani.

    Society da thokliba problem sing gi root cause thidokpagi mathou yaamna taari. Root cause adudagi houna semlakpa nattanadi problem leitaba khunai ama sembagi ashaa tourubada mangfaonaba ngamloi. Society amada thokliba problem khudingmak amaga amaga interrelated oibanina root cause dagi houna sengdorakpa nattana taseng tasengba society ama oihanba haibase oithokpa waagani. Sukngammak ngamkhidabasu yai.

    Issue amagi effect na cause oiraga another effect amamuk create touraktuna effect and cause, effect and cause prossess ti Manipuri Society da Natural Phenomena ama oina maraa taasinduna leikhrabani.

  6. Zamir

    Manipuri mayam amata oina mob lynching ge mayokta leiduna… sigumlab fattraba culture asi muthatlasi. We are with you sister.

  7. Hasim Ali

    My heart couldn’t bear even by this painting. Everyone is coming to this earth for a life of 70 yrs that also not guaranteed. But people having inhuman quality ended the life of my cousin who was growing in front of my eyes. These people will not lead our state to right path. How their children who had seen the mob lynching of my cousin will behave in the future?

  8. Nasim U

    this sketch is incomplete as it doesnt depict the silent spectators, those policeman around it…..

  9. Haji Arafat

    Manipur gi itihaas ta laihauragani asigumba tamthiraba mioibagi minungsi yaudana Farooq ki punsi temsinhankhraba heyy praja Tharoijam kayada wakan pikpa,

  10. Luwang Nipen

    Appreciate it. And would also appreciate if the illegal annexation and tortures/rapes/murders by occupational army or police under occupier could also be depicted in your future paintings. Thanks

  11. Chandramani H

    there is a problem in ur painting. though u want to portray mob justice, why only 1 person is hitting.

  12. Vijaya Devi

    Che Monika your panting talks a lot about humanity n pranting …I don’t understand ,what kind of moral they are trying to teach infront of their childrens….. Poor parents.. poor Manipur ema …

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