Painting: Don’t eat me, I am someone’s pet!

Don't eat me
Oil Painting by Monica Ingudam 
Canvas 11 by 15 inch 2019 
Original - Not for Sale, looking to exhibit in Art Gallery. 

Don’t eat me, I am someone’s pet!

Let me tell you a story about Jone the dog and his master Jotin from Manipur. Jotin has a special gift of connecting with animals specially with dogs. The most interesting thing Jone’s master did was the campaign to stop eating dog meat in Manipur. Jone would go to the local joints where dog meat is served and would do cute stunts saluting the customers, shaking hands — as his master Jotin was hoping that the customers may change their mind of eating dog meat seeing a cute lovable 💗dog — wow, what a beautiful idea and so courageous too! I was so inspired hearing this story of such passion, love and drive for dogs that I have to paint Jone. Missing pet dog and being eaten is one of the common social issue in Manipur. My own old age nearly blind pet dog wasn’t spared either. Our locality people ate our dog after he was hit by a truck, we never got to say good-bye.

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