Painting: Now

Oil Painting by Monica Ingudam
40 by 40 inch
July – Nov 2020
Original – SOLD but you can get premium canvas prints


My mind was filled with the words said earlier,
So much of judgment,
Bringing tears to my eyes,
Yes it hurts.

I looked around,
I see the sunset,
I see the cherry blossom,
I see the Potomac river where John Quincy Adams, the 6th president of USA swam nude,
I see the tall Washington monument in DC.
So much of beauty and love around me,
Gratitude filled my heart,
Giving me the power of Now,
Bringing back my smile.

This painting always brings me back to the power of Now when the mind gets muddy and it’s yours now, you can get into that power too 💗

I paint my feelings and emotions. Every brush stroke I take for the view inspired by nature takes me closer towards love, peace and healing. It has always left me empowered. I want to share these feelings with someone else to a journey of findingyourself.

About Monica Ingudam Born and raised with conflict background, lack of freedom in Manipur (India), based in Maryland (USA), patent holder for identifying Caller ID, with Computer Science Engineering background, you will find her innovating Healthcare solutions as a Senior Product Analyst. With the vision to spread love and peace, you will find her hosting high achiever workshops and talk-show at FindingTheVoices during the weekends to inspire, empower and educate. She loves painting, has pledged funds from her Art to giving back to the society and has successfully supported Palliative Care , education for children , relief for COVID19 in Manipur and currently raising funds for Library of Manipur and 1001Thagatchari gratitude project of Manipur. Do consider supporting her initiatives by getting her paintings and products made from her art.

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