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Born in Manipur (India), based in Maryland (USA) patent holder for identifying Caller ID, with Computer Science Engineering background, you will find Monica Ingudam crunching data as a Product Analyst for healthcare IT solutions. During the weekends you will find her hosting FindingTheVoices talk-show featuring authors, artists and people who inspire, empower, educate and entertain with the vision to connect and spread positivity. She loves traveling and you will find her reading, writing and painting in her quiet time. 

Born and raised in the midst of conflict, within the walls of her parent’s home and Little Flower school in Manipur, India, Monica moved to Bombay (Mumbai) as a young teenager in 1992 to complete Junior college (High School) at Sophia’s college. After two years she moved to Bangalore where she majored in Computer Science Engineering and later moved to Maryland, USA where she completed Masters of Software Development Management from University of Maryland University College. She continues her career as an experienced IT professional with more than 19 years working in fast-pace diverse international organizations in India, Germany, China and USA for complex systems in telecommunications and healthcare solutions. Catch up on the media coverage about her and her initiatives. 

FindingTheVoices: Realizing that there was a big gap in media’s coverage, divide amongst people and huge potential to inspire, educate, empower the people of Manipur, she founded FindingTheVoices in 2012 by featuring people of Manipur in her talk show, giving the platform to share stories of success, challenges, thoughts and vision. Through these stories, the knowledge of who is who relevant to Manipur was increased, improved promotions on positive inspirational individual and initiatives connecting the people together, and empowering oneself to reflect on personal growth learning from the different perspectives and experiences shared. She continues with the talk show broadcasted in ISTV, local TV channel in Manipur every Tuesday at 7 PM India time with a repeat telecast on Wednesdays 1:00 pm India time. Currently she is hosting talk show for  #1001Thagatchari gratitude project of Manipur to spread and increase the practice of gratitude and #PeopleOfTheWorld to learn from people all over the world and hear different perspective.

Monica has always been interested in art, human expressions and connections as a child. Art and painting provided the calm inner strength, kept her grownded and balanced during the intense grieving period during her father’s passing and things life brings. She volunteered for Art Galleries, took and continues to take art classes, workshop to enhance her understanding and skills of being an artist. She has pledged the funds raised from her paintings to projects of FindingTheVoices and support humane initiatives encountered as part of interviews covered in her talk show. She has successfully raised funds for Palliative Care and children’s education . She is currently on a mission to spread positivity through 1001Thagtachari gratitude project of Manipur and hosting personal growth FindingYourself workshops to elevate self in bringing out the high achiever in each individual. Please click here to get her art and support her initiatives.

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  1. Meiraba C

    During my early days in college, I was very much inspired by your talk show “Finding the voices”. I still admire your project of 1001 Thagatchari. In fact, many of our members admire both projects and wish to know more about them, as we also feel the need of it. We believe that you would be the right person to enlighten us and many other on it.

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