Workshop for high achievers

I hit rock bottom when my father passed away in 2016. It was a culmination of many things I carried along my journey – the environment I grew filled with fear and lack of freedom, where expressions aren’t encouraged, the inability to speak up even when my friend in school was slapped by a teacher, my lack of confidence in speaking up even when I knew the answers, the idea of fitting in the context of India, people making fun of my accent, insensitive words, stalked, bullied or ridicule for my different thinking, opinions and ways of life. My self-doubt during layoffs as a career woman, my loneliness during the period of my miscarriage, hospital stays and grief – I fell into the narrative, the action or inaction from people around me. I did things to please others or fit society’s norms. I felt lost!

With my father Ingudam Tomba Singh who gave me the gift of education and gender equality. He believed in education so much so he walked ~5K from Oinam to Nambol to attend school after his farming chores wiping his muddy feet with hay. He studied under lamp post at night when he ran out of light from the podon or burning uchan.

After my father’s death, I was off the grid for a long time – reflecting, finding myself, evaluating my life. I read lot of books, wrote, ran/walk many trails, painted, and traveled a lot. I spent lot of times with art and nature. I explored, learnt to reprogram the mind and experienced the power of personal growth in a safe space with love and support from people who nurtured me back. It has been such a powerful journey bringing alignment to body, mind and soul.

I wish that I had this safe space of personal growth much earlier — I carried a lot of weight as a youth, student, woman and a mother. I cried a lot, spend sleepless nights, lot of time in self-pity,  self-doubt, worthlessness, low self esteem, lack of confidence, anger, rejection, feeling insignificant, lamenting over the actions or inactions of others, giving power to others. 

I reprogram myself, elevating the power within self to focus and translate my vision to reality. I wanted to share my learnings, bring in experts from different fields and create a safe space of personal growth with others like me, my younger self — hence the creation of FindingYourself – High Achievers workshop in 2019. 

We completed many 1-1 sessions and third batch learning tools/techniques/strategy creating impact, transformation, breakthroughs from each participants. And most importantly the joy of FindingYourself getting back the belief that you have everything within you to manifesting your vision to reality when you direct your focus, take action and program yourself with the winning mentality.

I am committed to investing my weekends showing up to create a safe space of personal growth for you.

If I can do it, you can do it.

The moment I got the insight for creating Finding Yourself – High Achievers workshop!
Celebrations for each Batch of High Achievers Workshop


I am looking for committed people who are open to change, break old beliefs and ready to explore the power with you, transform to bring out the best version of yourself and be the high achiever you are. We have had participants from various age groups from 10 years to 72 years.

Registration OPEN Limited seats

Online Sessions, both 1-1 and/or group during the weekend

Interaction with Guest Speakers experiencing special techniques.

All sessions will be recorded and access provided privately only to participants to catch up or for references only. Participants will get the opportunity to interact with Guest speakers of PeopleOfTheWorld series where we learn different tools and techniques.

Participants will have access to a private Facebook page  and whatsapp group to share, support and follow through action items. Click through this link to fill in the form so that we can customize the sessions as per your need. You will receive the invite of the video call.


Sessions from the following will be chosen based on the interest and needs of Participants. Content covered during workshop is subject to change to tweak and cater to the need of our Participants.
  1. Purpose, Goals, alignment, planning.
  2. Toxic Behaviors.
  3. Rewiring your mind.
  4. Confidence, Self Esteem, Self worth.
  5. Time Management & accountability of self.
  6. Career growth.
  7. Love, Sex & Teen life.
  8. Effective Communication.
  9. Anger Management.
  10. Etiquette & Manners.
  11. Abuse & Bullying.
  12. Success
  13. Resilience skills

More fun stuff

  1. Virtual 25K Run/Walk
  2. Trying new things
  3. Random act of kindness
  4. Gratitude project
  5. Book reading challenge
  6. Speaking with confidence
  7. Finding humor in stressful situation
  8. Recognition & Celebrations
  9. High Achievers Club membership with continuous learning and support.

Why did you join the workshop ?

Low Confidence, Low self esteem
Scared of public speaking
Feeling Guilty
Anxiety Anger Stress
I want to deepen the relationship with my daughter and my family
Focus on my studies
Distracted by news, YouTube and social media
So many things to be completed
break up 
Strengthen relationship with my husband
Not trusting my decision making
Depression due to Career break
Public speaking, speaking my mind out, speaking without fear
I compare myself with others, I am not good enough
Time Management
Low self esteem, not liking myself after break up with aggressive boyfriend.
Overweight and unhealthy eating.
Confusion, Lack of clarity and confidence in decision making.
Lack of clarity, low confidence, spark in life is gone.
Lack of memory, concentration, focus. Not able to complete what I have started or move forward.
Extreme fear and anxiety as the delivery of second baby is approaching.
Extreme anger impacting relationship with family.
Relationship and intimacy issues, not able to have long lasting relationship.

How do I feel after a 1-1 or workshop session?

“I learn the power of connection with the right people. I started to understand how to organize things in life. The biggest take away is to become limitless by letting go of unnecessary thought or belief that is not serving me. That changes my life. Before the sessions, I see very fewer possibilities in my life. But after I talk to Che Monica, I see that things are opening up slowly and gradually.”

“Let go – as the energy vortex takes away all negativity from the body”

“When I saw That everyone in the session was understanding.”


“I got to speak my mind and open up towards others.”

“It has brought an impetus to focus on my goals and work towards achieving it.”

“I felt good, I felt I am connected with right people, I am in a positive environment.”

“I am not alone in my problems.”


“I am learning to tap on my thoughts and start understanding what kind of role it is taking to improve me. “

“I am grooming myself and letting myself free from any limited thoughts. “

“I am able to get some clarity, I am able to prioritize my task.”

Underlying Issues

Break up from aggressive boyfriend.
Attracting the wrong kind of people.
I had no freedom, I felt controlled.
Very controlling mother.
Lack of expression, my voice wasn't heard, I felt insignificant.
Lack of attention from Mother, she was very busy.
Sexual abuse by family member.  
My dreams and goals was insignificant.

Weekly Check-Ins

  1. Follow through on weekly action items.
  2. Sharing of wins/breakthrough/lows.
  3. Private Facebook group.
  4. Reflection/Check In – Once a week, recommended to practice daily to include the gratitude practice, understanding your status helps me tweak, jump in a 1-1 and add in contents as per your needs. Each session is designed for you.

Be the Supercool High Achiever you are!
Are you in for our walk/Run challenge? We started with 5K and now we are on 25K challenge!

Global Inner circle of High Achievers

High Achievers Members count = 16

Age 10 to 72

High Achiever

2 months support Free 30 mins Initial Call Initial (1 hr) Deep Dive (2.5 hrs) 3 Follow up sessions (30 minutes each) Free drop in group sessions for 1 year, we host one group session every month.


Drop in 1 group Workshop

Participate in 1 group online session


Adhoc 1-1

45 mins 1-1 session


About Monica Ingudam Born and raised with conflict background, lack of freedom in Manipur (India), based in Maryland (USA), patent holder for identifying Caller ID, with Computer Science Engineering background, you will find her innovating Healthcare solutions as a Senior Product Analyst. With the vision to spread love and peace, you will find her hosting FindingYourself personal growth workshops for high achievers and talk-show at FindingTheVoices during the weekends to inspire, empower and educate. She loves painting and her art is created with lots of love and healing energy. She has pledged funds from her Art to giving back to the society. She has successfully supported Palliative Care , education for children and currently raising funds for 1001Thagatchari gratitude project of Manipur . Do consider supporting her by getting her paintings and products made from her art.