Workshop for high achievers

The last couple of years I have been exploring and experiencing awesome amazing personal growth journey. It has been such a powerful journey bringing alignment to body, mind and soul. Now I am ready to share with you lots of new techniques, tools, strategy and experiences of transformation and breakthroughs for you. You are not alone, you can be a part of a safe space and be the high achiever you are meant to be. You deserve to be happy and follow your dreams. Join me to bring out your beautiful smile and live with the best version of yourself. 


I am looking for committed people who are open to change, ready to break old beliefs and transform to bring out the best version of yourself and be the high achiever you are.

  1. First batch (2019) – Completed
  2. Second Batch (2020) – Ongoing
  3. Third Batch (Sept 2020) – Registration OPEN Limited seats of 10 participants only.

Third Batch workshop will have 10 hours of online Sessions

5 Sessions, every Saturdays between 5th Sept – 3rd Oct 2020 (6:30 – 7:45 am EST USA/ 4 PM IST India)

Interaction with 1 Guest Speaker experiencing special techniques.

2.5 Hrs. of 1-1 session

All sessions will be recorded and access provided privately only to participants to catch up or for references only. Participants will get the opportunity to interact with Guest speakers of PeopleOfTheWorld series where we learn different tools and techniques.

Participants will have access to a private Facebook page  and whatsapp group to share, support and follow through action items. Click through this link to fill in the form so that we can customize the sessions as per your need. You will receive the invite of the video call.


5 sessions from the following will be chosen based on the interest of the class. 
  1. Purpose, Goals and alignment.
  2. Time Management & accountability of self.
  3. Toxic Behaviors.
  4. Rewiring your mind.
  5. Confidence.
  6. Self Esteem.
  7. Career growth.
  8. About Sexuality – Love, Sex, Teen pregnancy, abortion.
  9. Effective Communication.
  10. Anger Management.
  11. Etiquette & Manners.
  12. Abuse.
  13. Bullying.


  1. Virtual 5K Run/Walk.
  2. Participate in gratitude project.
  3. Recognition & Celebrations.

Why did you join the workshop ?

Low Confidence|Low self esteem
Scared of public speaking
Feeling Guilty
Anxiety Anger Stress
I want to deepen the relationship with my daughter and my family
Focus on my studies
Distracted by news, YouTube and social media
So many things to be completed
Strengthen relationship with my husband
Not trusting my decision making
Depression due to Career break

How do I feel after a workshop session?

“I learn the power of connection with the right people. I started to understand how to organize things in life. The biggest take away is to become limitless by letting go of unnecessary thought or belief that is not serving me. That changes my life. Before the sessions, I see very fewer possibilities in my life. But after I talk to Che Monica, I see that things are opening up slowly and gradually.”

“Let go – as the energy vortex takes away all negativity from the body”

“When I saw That everyone in the session was understanding.”


“I got to speak my mind and open up towards others.”

“It has brought an impetus to focus on my goals and work towards achieving it.”

“I felt good, I felt I am connected with right people, I am in a positive environment.”

“I am not alone in my problems.”


“I am learning to tap on my thoughts and start understanding what kind of role it is taking to improve me. “

“I am grooming myself and letting myself free from any limited thoughts. “

“I am able to get some clarity, I am able to prioritize my task.”

Weekly Check-Ins

  1. Follow through on weekly action items.
  2. Sharing of wins/breakthrough/lows.
  3. Reflection/Check In – Once a week, recommended to practice daily to include the gratitude practice, understanding your status helps me tweak, jump in a 1-1 and add in contents as per your needs. Each session is designed for you.

Note: Content and timing subject to change to tweak and cater to request and need of Participants.

Workshop for High Achievers (Batch 3) – 25% off Early bird registration

Full Price is $250


Global Inner circle of High Achievers

Born and raised with conflict background and lack of freedom in Manipur (India), based in Maryland (USA) patent holder for identifying Caller ID, with Computer Science Engineering background, you will find Monica Ingudam innovating Healthcare solutions as a Senior Product Analyst. With the vision to spread love and positivity, you will find her hosting FindingYourself personal growth workshops for high achievers and FindingTheVoices talk-show during the weekends to inspire, empower and educate. She loves painting and you will find her traveling, reading, writing in her quiet “Me” time. She has successfully raised funds for Palliative Care and education for children using her oil paintings and prints. Do consider supporting her initiatives by getting her paintings.