Gratitude project of Manipur, 1001 Thagatchari

Come on, let’s fill the universe with expressions of love and gratitude.

Growing up in a conflicted place seeing violence at a close range, ongoing choatic situations, anger, less freedom, more anger and fight for basic human rights – I carry the responsibility of spreading positivity to rise above the conflict. In my quest to elevate the voices of inspiring people through FindingTheVoices, I found that there is a huge lack of recognition and honor for the ones with vision and good intent, working tirelessly towards positive changes in Manipur. One of my biggest takeaway in my own personal growth journey is the power of gratitude to elevate self rippling to others. You cannot be in any other emotional state when you are in gratitude. One of my goal is to spread the practice of gratitude in schools, institutes, offices, anywhere touching everyone in Manipur where we pause, reflect and take the time to share our gratitude to people around us, at the level of Manipur and globally.

I want everyone to hear words of love, experience gratitude, read words of expressions bringing a smile or even tears of human connections. It is my belief that gratitude will open our heart, elevate positivity and heightened human connections in Manipur.

Monica Ingudam

There is so much of anger, oppression, hurt, violence and fear in Manipur which is a byproduct of conflicts. I carry the sights of intense protest scenes of students, unburied bodies for protest, lack of freedom, many young and old with mental conditions issues, increasing drug/alcohol/smoking/depression , mob justice – beating to death in front of children, and you will even find scenario of people eating other’s pet dog.

I believe gratitude will open our heart and create the shift to healing and light seeding to the start of 1001 Thagatchari, gratitude project of Manipur. My intent for this project are:

Project duration: Dec 9, 2017 – Current

  1. Introduce, educate and spread the practice of gratitude in Manipur, reach every nook and corner of Manipur.
  2. Elevate the personal growth at individual level heightening human connections and spreading the much needed positivity to rise above the conflict in Manipur.
  3. Identify local role models of Manipur to honor, recognize and give our gratitude to the people of Manipur. Write a book featuring the nominated individuals so that our younger generations will know who is who of Manipur.

Dear _________________________

You are nominated by _________________________________ as part of 1001Thagatchari, gratitude project of Manipur. Today, I celebrate you, I am grateful to you. Thagatchari. You are an inspiration.


In my quest to elevate the voices of inspiring people of Manipur through FindingTheVoices talk-show, I found that there is a huge lack of gratitude to recognise and honor the inspiring people contributing to building positive changes amongst us. My intent of 1001Thagatchari project is to:

Spread the practice of gratitude to every nook and corner of Manipur. I want everyone to hear words of love, experience gratitude, read words of grateful expressions bringing a smile or even tears of joy elevating positivity and human connections. 

Elevate local role models of Manipur by expressing our gratitude. I plan to write a book featuring the nominated individuals at the level of Manipur for our younger generations to know who is who.

Sponsored by______________________________________________________________

Please consider paying it forward making someone smile and join me in filling our community with words of love and gratitude. It is my belief that gratitude will open our hearts, create the shift to healing, love and peace. 

Thagatchari, Khurumjari

Monica Ingudam

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Invite us to your school, workplace, institute, group, family for gratitude workshops. All participants gets FREE cards.

Donate and sponsor cards, journal, events, gifts for nominated individuals of Manipur. Please do consider donating or getting the art, the proceeds will go to gratitude cards given FREE to our participants. If you have received the cards making you smile reading the words do consider paying it forward to gift a smile to someone else.

Sponsor cards for Participants

Participants of gratitude project gets FREE cards to write words of gratitude to their immediate circle. You are sponsoring 20 cards.

24.99 $

Sponsor wallart gift for nominated person at the level of Manipur.

We want to honor the nominated person at the level of Manipur by our participants with this small gift of 8 by 8 inch wallart as a token of our gratitude.

49.99 $

Thanks to each and everyone of you for being a sponsor. Your contribution helps in hosting gratitude events, giving free cards touching more and more people with words of love and gratitude in Manipur elevating positivity. Thagatchari!

  • Bimolata N (Thailand)
  • Jodha S (Manipur)
  • Shaheda P (Manipur)

My deepest gratitude to each and everyone of you for taking the time to participate in 1001Thagatchari, gratitude project of Manipur by sharing your inner thoughts elevating human connections which matters. You can support the movement of gratitude by Participating and expressing your gratitude. Watch and listen to the expressions for the people of Manipur.

  1. Little Flower School, Imphal, Manipur (2019)
  2. Akoijam Khelendro, Chef, Classic Hotel, Imphal, Manipur (2019)
  3. Kitika Laishram, student, Vellore (2019)
  4. Khaidem Lilyma, teacher, Imphal, Manipur (2019)
  5. Thiyam Romen, Sculptor artist, Imphal, Manipur (2019)
  6. Manjoo Sharma Lalwani, Sydney, Australia (2019)
  7. Dr. Bhagyabati and Thongam Binodini, campaigning for self defense to girls, Manipur (2019)
  8. Dr. Palin Khundongbam, founder Shija Hospitals, Manipur. (2019)
  9. Khoirom Roger, office secretary, Palliative Care, Manipur (2019)
  10. Dr Thoudam Vandana, team Palliative Care, Manipur (2019)
  11. Thokchom Bindu, Nursing officer, Palliative Care, Manipur (2019)
  12. Jamuna Advani, author, California, USA (2019)
  13. Md Nasir Khan and Shaheda Praveen Choudhury, ManipurCreativeSchool, Manipur (2019)
  14. Yumnam Rajeshwor, President, 2nd World War Imphal Campaign Foundation, Manipur (2019)
  15. Laishram Sanatombi, Nursing Officer, Palliative Care, Manipur (2019)
  16. Nongmeikapam Jotin Singh, dog trainer, Manipur (2019)
  17. Dr Sorokhaibam Jugindra, founder Palliative care, Manipur (2019)
  18. Albert Nam, student, Kyrygzstan (2019)
  19. Yambem Laba, senior journalist of Manipur (2019)
  20. James, student, Ema Keithel, Manipur (2019)
  21. Diana Aribam, student, Manipur (2019)
  22. Dr Subodha Ningthoukhonjam, Obstretics and Gynaecologist at Shija Hospitals, Manipur (2019)
  23. Hajarimayum Radharani, Ema Keithel, Manipur (2019)
  24. Dr Jodha Chandra Sanasam, Writer and ENT specialist, Manipur (2019)
  25. Dr M S Ningomba, first Buddhist Monk in Manipur (2019)
  26. Tababi at Imakeithel (2019)
  27. Naorem Namosakhi, kakching at Ema Keithel(2019)
  28. Bhagat Phishubam, sugarcane stall at Cheirao Ching (2019)
  29. Takhellambam KiranKumar, retired from Inspector of School, Churachanpur (2019)
  30. Menjor Shukham, Constructor worker constructing lift connecting from Cheirao Ching to Heingang and Cheirao Ching to Eroisemba(2019)
  31. Kamei, Manipur Police in Wireless (2019)
  32. Nganbam Inaocha Singh, Retire Volleyball Coach (2019)
  33. Numshin Ray, State government official from Kabui Village chingmeirong (2019)
  34. Ibochaoba Leimapokpum from lamlong Thoidingjam leikai retired from being a Mistri (Construction worker) (2019)
  35. Suraj Langonjam from Langthabal, doing business at Nagampal (2019)
  36. Oinam Jateshor, Cheiraoching, Manipur (2019)
  37. Soniya Yambem, Researcher, Physicist, Educator from Brisbane, Australia (2019)
  38. Okram Ningol Heisnam Ongbi Sumati Leima, retired teacher (2019)
  39. Marjing Mayanglambam, science student in Dhanamanjuri University, Imphal, Manipur (2018)
  40. Dr. Vijita Ningombam Co Founder of R & V Art House, a platform for Manipuri artist to grow as an individual artist (2018)
  41. Ajoy Moirangthem @DaNaoba, Rifleman joining in from Imphal, Manipur, India (2018)
  42. Mocha Athokpam, tattoo artist from Manipur (2018)
  43. Waribam Ranjan Singh, National Archery coach joining in from Pune, India (2018)
  44. Urmila Chanam, Menstrual hygiene advocate, Women rights activist and journalist, Bangalore, India (2018)
  45. Bimolata Ningthoujam, Assistant Wellness Director, Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand (2018)
  46. Suzania Brahmacharimayum, PhD Scholar/ School of communications, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.(2018)
  47. Ronald Meitei Urikkhimbam, Sr Security Officer at Oil Natural Gas Corporation joining in from Ahmedabad, Gujarat (2018)
  48. Lien Gangte , Director – Providence Foundation UK (2018)
  49. Philem Rohan ,student, bicycling from New Delhi to Manipur for awareness of pollution (2018)
  50. M Okendro Singh, Senior Manager, HR, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Kochi Refinery, Kerala, India (2018)
  51. Singhajit Ningthoujam who is studying Master in Radiography and Imaging Technology at Dhanamanjuri Community College, Imphal, Manipur (2018)
  52. Dr. Bishwajeet Elangbam consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals, NHS Trust in UK.(2018)
  53. Tuleshwori Sapam, Research Scholar, Centre for Bioinfomatics, Pondicherry, India (2018)
  54. Chinglenthoiba John Chingakham, NIT Calicut, Calicut/Kerala/India (2018)
  55. Heisnam Dhiren Senior Scientist, Analytical Development Laboratory, London, United Kingdom (2018)
  56. Nameirakpam Malemnganba Meitei, Medical student, State Medical University, Stavropol, Russia (2018)
  57. Shanti Thokchom, Nursing assistant, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA (2018)
  58. Saya Okram, Freelance Researcher, PhD in Public Health, Manipur, India (2018)
  59. Girija Ningthoukhongjam , Student, Imphal, Manipur, India (2017)
  60. Yanglem Chanu Carolin, Law Student, Bengaluru, India (2017)
  61. Babloo Loitongbam, Executive Director, Human Rights Alert, Imphal, India (2017)
  62. Nivea Longjam Biotech Student, Delhi, India (2017)

Nominated individuals at the level of Manipur.

We honor you for your contribution for Manipur. Thagatchari, our deepest gratitude to you. You inspire us. There are many role models in Manipur. Let us share and teach the younger generations about them. Let us inspire our society. If your role model is not in this list, don’t you think it is your responsibility to step up to have their name in the list?

  1. Rennedy Singh, former captain of the Indian football national team.
  2. Mary Kom, Olympic medallist boxer.
  3. Women Hockey Team from Manipur, Mancester Common Wealth Games.
  4. Naorem Sanajaoba,
  5. Laba Yambem,
  6. Babloo Lotongbam, Human rights alert.
  7. BinalakshmNepram, humanitarian, author, and female activist.
  8. Samurailatpam Sanahanbi,
  9. Jugindra Sorokhaibam, founder of Palliative care.
  10. Urmila Chanum,
  11. Armstrong Pame,
  12. Blooming Manipur,
  13. Monica Ingudam, founder of FindingTheVoices.
  14. Aribam Syam Sharma,
  15. Akhu Chingakham,
  16. Diana Potsangbam,
  17. Kaiku RK, actor.
  18. Bulu Maisnam,
  19. Babina Clinic,
  20. Guneshwar Thangjam,
  21. Eli Yambem, founder of Dweller Tea.
  22. Hijam Anganghal, author of Khamba Thoibi.
  23. RKCS, art gallery.
  24. Robin Wahengbam, artist.
  25. Rev. Dino Thouthang,
  26. Little Flower School, shaping women leaders of Manipur.
  27. Hijam Irabot,
  28. N Biren Singh, CM of Manipur.
  29. Nupi Lan

Nominated individuals at the personal level


Nominated individuals at the global level.

Mother Teresa
Michelle Obama
Oprah Winfrey
Narendra Modi
… amongst many others

Born and raised with conflict background and lack of freedom in Manipur (India), based in Maryland (USA) patent holder for identifying Caller ID, with Computer Science Engineering background, you will find Monica Ingudam innovating Healthcare solutions as a Senior Product Analyst. With the vision to spread love and positivity, you will find her hosting FindingYourself personal growth workshops for high achievers and FindingTheVoices talk-show during the weekends to inspire, empower and educate. She loves painting and you will find her traveling, reading, writing in her quiet “Me” time. She has successfully raised funds for Palliative Care and education for children using her oil paintings and prints. Do consider supporting her initiatives by getting her paintings.


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