About Monica Ingudam

  1. Born and raised in the midst of conflict in Manipur, India to Ingudam Tomba Singh and Saroj Nalini Khomdram who chose to give the gift of education and gender-equality.
  2. Little Flower School, Imphal, Manipur, India.
  3. Sophia’s College, Bombay, India (1992-1994).
  4. BE, Computer Science, PESIT, Bangalore University, India (1994-1998).
  5. MS, Software Development Management, University of Maryland UMGC, USA.
  6. IT Professional in telecom and healthcare domain with 25 years of international experience (USA, China, Germany, India). 
  7. Co-Inventor, Patent for “Identifying Callers” USPTO.
  8. Founded FindingTheVoices (2012) with the vision to inspire, empower, educate, spread love and peace. My weekend talk-show featuring heart to heart conversations giving hope and inspiration to rise above.
  9. Artist pledging all funds from my art to giving back to the community. I have supported fundraising for Palliative Care, education of children, covid 19 relief and currently raising funds for education, gratitude project and Library of Manipur.
  10. Founded FindingYourself (2019) for High Achievers offering personal growth development workshops boosting confidence in bringing out the high achiever, the best version in self.
  11. Co founded Library of Manipur with my mother Saroj Nalini Khomdram (2021) for Library of Manipur with the mission to create, preserve, promote and giving easy access to audio/video contents of Manipuri books and people of Manipur for generations to come.


  • Based in Maryland, USA with her super supportive partner, two precious children and an adorable cat.
  • Data Analyst playing with data and numbers to recommend decisions for best outcome.
  • Hosting talk-show #LibraryOfManipur #PeopleOfManipur #PeopleOfTheWorld spreading gratitude, love, peace and promoting voices which will empower and inspire you.
  • Leading High Achievers workshop for youth boosting confidence level bringing out the high achiever in self.
  • Supporting peace and relief effort for ongoing conflict in Manipur.
  • Creating oil paintings, art infused with lots of love and healing. Painting is meditation for me. Every brush stroke I take brings me closer towards love, peace and healing. It has always left me empowered. I want to share these feelings with you. Do support me by taking home the art which speaks to you. Fund goes to Children’s education, Library of Manipur and giving back to the people.
  • I love traveling, listening to music and exploring the beauty of nature. You will find me trekking, reading, writing poems and stories. Yes a book is on the way!

Art Exhibition

  1. Love exhibited at Oasis Art Gallery, Bethesda, MD, USA Washington Metro Oasis (2022)
  2. The Guard selected for Rockville Art League Juried Members’ Winter Show judged by Christine Lashley, exhibited at Glenview Mansion Art Gallery, Maryland (2021)
  3. DC Temple exhibited at Gifted art exhibition at Bender JCC’s Goldman Art Gallery, Maryland, USA (Oct 2021)
  4. Sunset , Daughter of the Land, Lady Yumi , exhibited at Paint the town labor day show Montgomery Art Association, Kensington, Maryland, USA (Sept 2021)
  5. Inner Voice selected for Juried Member’s Spring Show, juried by Dr.Renee Sandell , Glen Mansion (July 2021)
  6. Hope , Beauty exhibited at Visarts , Maryland, USA (2021)
  7. Emerging selected for Rockville Art League Art League Juried Members’ Winter Show 2020/21 Glen Mansion, Maryland, USA (Dec 2020)
  8. A Walk in the Dzouko Valley  exhibited at Concourse Gallery, Visarts, Maryland, USA (Feb, 2019)



To travel, explore, experience and connect at the deepest level. So less time and lots to cover. It’s all in the mind, it’s in you, the power within you to focus and follow the path you aspire to be, your path. Enjoy the journey and have fun. If you aren’t having fun, ask yourself why?

Monica Ingudam


  1. Meiraba C

    During my early days in college, I was very much inspired by your talk show “Finding the voices”. I still admire your project of 1001 Thagatchari. In fact, many of our members admire both projects and wish to know more about them, as we also feel the need of it. We believe that you would be the right person to enlighten us and many other on it.

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