Palliative Care Society, Imphal

The mother daughter duo who have become a driving force for palliative care in Manipur, each in her own unique capacity. Monica promotes palliative care by featuring it in her blog shows and also raises funds for palliative care patients although she stays far away in America, by painting beautiful precious Manipuri flowers and landscapes and contributing the proceeds of selling them to PCSI . Even her two loving children have gifted their pocket money to PCSI. Her mother,Oza Sarojnalini, has become the ever soothing mother to all the palliative care patients who are under the care of PCSI because she visits them and spends time with them. The two wonderful ladies visited us. Thagatchari FindingTheVoices, Thagatchari Monica Ingudam, Thagatchari Oza Sarojnalini. The world has more meaning because of people like you.

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